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Your e-commerce conversions are below world wide average Your average e-commerce conversion rate of 0.79% is 74.68% lower than the global ecommerce benchmark of 3.12%.
Your top landing page seems slow We performed a page speed scan of your top landing page: https://optimizers.co . The primary content was visible for the user after 2.2 s.
Your conversion rate is increasing Your goal conversion rate was 1.81% during the last 30-days, which is a 1408.33% increase compared to the previous period: 0.12%. Keep it up!
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Our algorithm analyses all your Google Analytics data and returns the most important conversion issues on your website. Quickly find out how to improve your conversion rates.
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Get an instant e-mail or text alert when something in your Google Analytics account is showing abnormalities. Don’t miss out on sales because you didn’t pay close attention to your Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics doesn’t tell why your conversion rate sucks. We do.

Low conversion rate in Google Analytics? Don’t know how to improve? Time to meet Optimizers: the tool that analyseses your Google Analytics account and shows exactly how to improve your conversion rates. For e-commerce and goal-based businesses.

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When you use Google Analytics on your site or e-commerce store, you can use the tool and benefit from the conversion tips.

Who we are

One day, a conversion specialist, a developer and a marketeer decided to team-up.

If you hire a conversion specialist to dig deep into your Google Analytics account to find conversion insights, it might cost you more then $2500.

Labour by hand. Clicking through reports. Writing down numbers. It takes time and requires experience.

After providing manual Google Analytics insights to over hundreds of customers, our conversion specialist met a smart marketeer and a handy developer: 'Isn't this something we can automatically do by scanning Google Analytics data?' they asked.

The conversion specialist provided the developer with a big list of checks he manually performed in Google Analytics. He used this list to build a tool that analyses a Google Analytics account.

The result was great. Many friends asked us if they can give it a try. They could, and soon you can too. Sign up for the waiting list and we’ll be in touch when you can start scanning your conversions.

Turn your Google Analytics into actionable insights

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